about WEEDeck

WEEDeck is a series of weed identification cards designed to be taken into the field.

The front of the cards have images to help you identify the plant and the back of the card gives you information about the plant. They are held together by a link in the upper left hand corner. You can choose the cards you want from the 304 cards available in the system. The cards have been categorised into 6 areas to make it easier to identify the weed you are looking for.

Below is an example of a card from each catagory. As well as the cover and the 3 generic cards. These four cards must be ordered with all decks.

Sample Cover

Generic Cards: Glossary

Generic Cards: Collect and Management

Generic Cards: Weed Alert

Sample Herb Card

Sample Herb Card (Back)

Grass Sample

Shrub Sample

Tree Sample

Vine Sample

Water Plant Sample